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AST Global sell a number of systems dependent on your needs and application. Our principal product ranges are Pyrogen, Pyrostorm, Pyrosense & a number of ancillary items from the Pyrosafe range. 


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Pyrostorm is a new generation in impulse (very fast acting) dry powder, modular type fire suppression units and systems. Pyrostorm modules are non pressurised vessels that can be fitted in any application. They are light weight and easy to install and transport, with no pipe work required, and in normal applications are maintenance free for 10 years.
Pyrostorm modules are the most cost effective powder-type automatic fire extinguisher available on the market. Pyrostorm modules are hermetically sealed thus preventing any contamination, by dust or water, of the FUREX ABC extinguishing powder contained within the unit. Pyrostorm modules are activated electrically, from a conventional fire panel, or from thermal sensors, when attached to the module. When activated during a fire situation, there is a chemical reaction within the Pyrostorm module creating a positive pressure.

The discharge diaphragm then expands, ruptures and expels the extinguishing powder at a rate of up to 35 metre's per second. This occurs in less than 0.5 seconds from initial activation. Large volumes of powder begin to be discharged in less than a second putting out the fire rapidly and effectively. 
The dry powder expelled from the Pyrostorm module attacks the fire in a combination of two fire extinguishing mechanisms. Chemically, by the removal of the fire propagating "chain carriers" and Physically, via four processes. Firstly, by the removal of heat via endothermic processes of powder particle heat absorption, particle evaporation and decomposition. Secondly, via the dilution of the flame zone with a powder cloud and its subsequent decomposition products. Thirdly, there is the creation of physical fire barriers in the fire zone and finally, via the creation of a "fire blanket" on the surface of the burning materials, which 'smothers' the fire.

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