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AST Global sell a number of systems dependent on your needs and application. Our principal product ranges are Pyrogen, Pyrostorm, Pyrosense & a number of ancillary items from the Pyrosafe range. 


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In order to complement our range of Fire Suppressant mediums AST Global offer what we consider to be the best Control systems for the job. It is our considered opinion that if these Pyrogen and Pyrostorm products are to be able to offer the exceptional protection expected of these products, it is vitally important that they are controlled by the best.   

Designed and manufactured to the highest standards in a quality controlled environment and with all the relevant approvals, the Pyrosense Multi & Single Zone extinguishant control and releasing panels offer outstanding value and performance for all small to medium fixed fire fighting installations. 

The Multi Zone Control Panel offers three detection zones as standard, extinguishant release can be configured to activate from any combination of detection zone inputs to allow (among other combinations) any two from three type activations such as would be required for detection in ceiling void, room and floor void applications.

The extensive configuration options allow the functionality of the system to be extensively modified while still complying with the requirements of the controlling standard for the equipment (EN12094-1).
 The panel contains a large LED display to enable easy configuration and control which also displays the time remaining until extinguishant release for added user safety. The countdown timer is duplicated on up to seven remote status units to provide local indication of the extinguishant system status. With all of the electronics mounted on a single, easily removable, steel plate PyroSense Multi Zone Control Panel is both robust and easy to install. 

The Pyrosense Single Zone control panel is a fully functional detection alarm and control panel, it can be connected to, & monitor information from, spot/point detectors, which could be smoke (optical/ionisation), heat, water or gas type, or from a linear thermal sensing cable. The operating mode for Automatic detection can be switch selected as "Single Activation" for immediate release upon detection by any sensor or "Coincidence" activation, where two sensors must operate before activation of the suppression agent or generators.

The control panel can be programmed to operate in one of three modes; Automatic mode, which after receiving a signal from the detectors or sensors indicating the existence of a fire, will activate the units remotely after a preset time delay. By Manual mode, which again would be after receiving a signal from the detectors or sensors but would allow for a review of the situation before the units are activated, remotely from the panel. Finally as a Stand alone discharge unit, with the advantage of still being able to monitor the activation line for faults, when used in conjunction with a existing detection and alarm system.
 On the back of the panel there are a number of easy connect plug in terminals to allow the user to connect external sounders, warning beacons, relay connections for automatic engine shutdown in event of fire as well as an external manual discharge button should this be required. 

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